Masha’s Spooky Stories – Terrifying true story about Monsters and those who fear them00:00

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Published on May 7, 2021

Are you afraid of monsters? Sure you are! Let me tell you a scary story about a boy who experienced a real fear… Halloween 2015 special! This story happened on an abandoned tractor factory. The boy lost a scoop from his toy-tractor and decided to look for it at the factory. So he goes up the stairs and sees a large female monster, who was about to paint her lips with a roller! As he kept walking he noticed more monsters playing domino! The boy was very terrified and about to cry, when he learnt that it was just a movie set and all the monsters were not real! They were just actors… Finally the boy realized that all the monsters from the books and movies are not real at all! But if want to see a real monster- watch a fly under a microscope! Masha’s Spooky Stories. Tremble! Masha decided to try a new genre – spooky stories! She reveals the main secret to the audience in her unique childish way: all horrors live only in our imagination. Masha teaches kids to get rid of any fears by playing and telling her stories. Masha explains the reason of common childhood fears and teaches how to deal with them. Each episode is a terribly colorful story with awfully charming characters and a soundtrack inspired by Grieg and Tchaikovsky

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