Masha’s Spooky Stories – Grim Testament About One Snotty Boy00:00

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Published on May 7, 2021

Have you ever heard that the world around is full terrible plagues and diseases? One boy called Semushka knows it for sure! Wherever he threw a glance – he seemed to see tetanus, rubella and other kinds of chickenpoxes…The poor boy was so terrified that began to squish his nose even harder. The only saving measures was an aid kit which his grandmother has put in his backpack “just in case” and a little spacesuit…Basically…this grim “testament” about such a snotty boy came out to be the most educative one! Masha decided to try a new genre – spooky stories! She reveals the main secret to the audience in her unique childish way: all horrors live only in our imagination. Masha teaches kids to get rid of any fears by playing and telling her stories. Masha explains the reason of common childhood fears and teaches how to deal with them. Each episode is a terribly colorful story with awfully charming characters and a soundtrack inspired by Grieg and Tchaikovsky.

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