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Published on June 10, 2022

1. Memory training
Technology and technology are developing more and more, people are spinning more and more and there is less and less time to meditate, think and remember. Painting helps us balance and create silence to reduce stress and better remember. If you want to solve things quickly, go to drawing lessons. Psychologists believe that what we draw is not really an idea, but often a recollection, the clearest representation of each person’s memory and imagination.

2. Improve your ability to observe
Maybe you draw confusing, unclear shapes. However, if you pay close attention, you will notice that in each person’s picture there are often very prominent painted details. Psychologists think that this is a reflection of the world through our memory. Drawing helps us know how to observe things in life, more delicately, more deeply.

3. Improve imagination
Drawing is a way to take the imagination far away. You may discover that you have the ability to create another world for yourself in painting. Creativity, sublimation can be used to solve problems in relationships and even at work.

4. Help you feel excited, love life
Diest Wehbe – A famous British educator has shown that drawing for an hour is better than sitting and watching entertainment for 9 hours. That is also the reason that many psychologists often allow their patients to draw because this is a very good treatment.
By looking at and analyzing our pictures, experts will find the cause as well as the treatment or understanding of the child’s psyche. For example, when you see a picture with stiff, overlapping lines and faded colors, you can tell that you’re in a bad mood. On the contrary, if the picture is gentle lines, rich and sharp colors, it shows that your psychology is very stable.

5. Drawing helps your brain to work
Drawing will help the brain work to perceive, identify colors, shapes, spatial position and is beneficial for intellectual development, for very unique and strange ideas.
During the drawing process, your imagination will continue to break fixed patterns. After seeing different angles, you will continue to be inspired to create more.

6. The process of painting helps you think in multiple dimensions
The use of colors and shapes is a way to enhance memory and promote observation, nurturing imagination. This is the ability to think visually, to move, and to be creative that you can’t learn without drawing.

7. Painting is the expression of emotions
Painting is an art form like music, dance and it expresses human emotions. Painting is the expression of personal feelings inside. Looking at that work, we can see the mood as well as the thoughts of a person.

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