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Published on June 25, 2022

Daily English vocabulary is indispensable if we want to communicate in English in a basic way. Below, HaduKids provides you with a birthday-themed English vocabulary store with many of the most common English communication sentences. Let’s study English every day and evaluate the effect!

You guys love birthday parties, don’t you? Fun party and many wrong gifts?
Do you know what birthday parties usually have in English?
Today HaduKids will guide you on the topic of birthday parties in English to see how it is.

The video is easy to understand and suitable for all elementary students as well as those who are new to learning English.
This is a video where the teacher speaks 100% in English for you to learn while improving your listening skills. Below are very detailed subtitles. To achieve maximum efficiency, you learn in the following ways:
– Watch the first time: Focus on watching the subtitles to understand the basic content of the English learning video about Family.
– Second viewing: 50% watch and listen, 50% read the subtitles and do not understand.
– View times 3: File center and repeat according to the teacher and do not read the subtitles.
– 4th viewing: View and comment on the answer or the words that you have learned.

Remember to study English every day. Be sure to watch the next sections.

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